Looking for a New Outdoor Dining Setting? Try a Wagyu Barbecue!

At most establishments that have an outdoor dining setting, what you get is nothing more than a typical restaurant environment that happens to be out in the open. If you want something truly unique, you need to go somewhere that offers more than this. You need to go to Kur-Cow Barnwell Farms, six minutes outside of Kuranda in Queensland, Australia.

Kur-Cow Barnwell Farms is a working farm, but it's their Wagyu Barbecue that will interest you when you're looking for a unique outdoor dining setting. With this offering, you get 300g of Wagyu beef, and you get to cook it to your liking yourself. Of course, that's not all you'll receive. You also get a glass of wine, a side salad, a bowl of rice, and sauces to make your meal complete. Come out and enjoy!

Outdoor Dining Setting